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In addition to bespoke mezzanine debt solutions, Attract Capital UK also provides senior loan solutions and financial consulting services to its client base.

Client Name Location Amount
Etransmedia, Inc. Troy, NY $23.0MM
Tensator, Inc. New York, United Kingdom & Germany £44.0MM
Drumbeat Neworks Buffalo, NY $2.4MM
Stampede Global Mississauga, Ontario, Canada $8.0MM
Brand & Oppenheimer Red Bank, NJ $2.5MM
Bridge Capital Solutions Hauppaugue, NY $6.0MM
Vivos Corporation Sterling, VA $3.0MM
Star Production SARL Monaco, Principality of Monaco €1.2MM
San Antonio Broker Services North Bergen, NJ $1.2MM
Lawrence Metal Products, Inc. Bayshore, NY $26.0MM
Family Choice Healthcare Lanham, MD $2.0MM
Precept Life Sciences Sterling, VA $2.0MM
Roadrunner Restoration Kingwood, TX $2.5MM
Design Center, Inc. Tampa, FL $8.0MM