Direct Loan Solution

Getting a loan today is no easy task. Lenders have the money but often are afraid to lend. Companies need money but often don’t know how to go about asking for the loan. The key to bringing in a loan is having the right ask and presenting the right plan. Our direct loan solution ensure that you have both. We design your direct loan with a customized structure based on market criteria that makes it easy for a lender to work with. We write a confidential memorandum showing how the direct loan will drive profit growth of your business. Our confidential memorandum is a professional plan that the lender can believe in. Our lender platform enables us to accelerate the closing of your direct loan. We have various lenders including asset based lenders, senior lenders and mezzanine lenders in our platform. These lenders are looking to lend into well structured, professionally presented deals. Our involvement elevates both structure and presentation and gets your direct loan closed on time.